Still searching for the perfect investment property?

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Still searching for the perfect investment property?

Property valet serviceLearn more

Welcome to Moka Property Advisory

We are a Canberra based boutique property firm specialising in educating property investors & sourcing residential investment properties all over the country. Our thorough research and deep analysis ensure these properties are of the highest quality in the very best investment locations.


We draw our market data from the most highly regarded and trusted sources.


A comprehensive online property investment course benefiting new and experienced investors.


Highlighting the suburbs and locations across Australia with strong potential growth indicators.


Identifying the right projects in the right locations using our network of quality professionals.


Check your assumptions, run scenarios and know your purchasing position before you buy.


We connect you to the right people at the right time ensuring your purchase is pain free.

Free property investment course

Starting out in property investing can seem daunting. Big risks and significant amounts of money are on the line. Approaching a purchase without understanding the fundamentals can leave you vulnerable to the glib salesperson.

That’s why we decided to take everything we’ve learnt, experienced, and heard from our decades in the property investment industry and wrap it all into a freely available online course. Hours of content you can consume either in the comfort of your home or on the go.

“Imagine having access to a team of experienced property professionals  vested in helping you build a profitable and successful property portfolio”

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